Oroville spillway documents

Onderdonk’s letter to DWR re  2007 FERC safety inspection

FERC Division of Dam Safety August 2008 reminder to DWR to repair spillway

May 2009 letter from DWR to FERC re:  spillway repair  May-2009-dwr-to-ferc

September 14, 2009 notice to contractors for repair of spillway 09-14_notice

September 14, 2009 summary of bids from contractors   09-14_summary

DWR letter to FERC re emergency spillway erosion Spillway Soil depth letter Jan 3 2006

FERC letter to DWR re Eighth Part 12D Inspection & Report Part 12D inspection specs

Eighth Part 12D PFMA agenda 20090828-Eighth Part 12D PFMA agenda

Design and General Plan of Oroville Spillway from Bulletin 200, Part III (1974.)