Comment letters

Climate Adaptation 

November 2021 Comments on the Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy

CWR comments on Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy

Delta Independent Science Board

November 2021 Letter re Integrated Conceptual Models of the Delta

CWR Ltr re Integrated conceptual models of the Delta

October 2021 Comments on Draft Water Supply Reliability Review

CSPA et al comments Water Supply Reliability Review

March 2020 Comments on Toward a Preemptive Ecology for Rapid, Global, and Increasingly Irreversible Environmental Change: A Discussion Paper with Implications for Research and Management in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Is Regime Change in the Delta Irreversible

Single Tunnel

California Water Research comments on SWP contract amendment for Delta Conveyance first negotiation session.

Re-Evaluate North Delta Intake Locations and Performance for High Sea Level Rise

Delta Conveyance Assessment Recommendation:  Re-Evaluate North Delta Intake Locations and Performance for High Sea Level Rise, June 2019.

CWR comments on First Negotiation Session A

North Delta Cares, Delta Defenders et. al.  Re: Design and Construction Authority continuing WaterFix project in spite of withdrawal of project approvals

Ltr to DWR re Waterfix JEPA and Contracts 6.12.19

Reply from DWR: Next Steps on Delta Conveyance

2019-06-17 North Delta Cares Response to June 12 letter (1)

Re: Comments on proposed Amendment 1 to the Joint Exercise of Powers

Ltr re JEPA Amendment 6.19.19

North Delta Cares, Delta Defenders et. al. June 19, 2019 response to DWR

Lippner re geotech 6.19.19 fnl

Covid Stay

Delta Counties Coalition Letter to Secretary Crowfoot Re: Stay

2020-04-07 DCC Letter to Secretary Crowfoot re Stay

Delta Protection Commission comments by California Indian Environmental Alliance (CIEA), Re: Delta Protection Commission Meeting –April 9, 2020,Agenda Item 9: Delta Conveyance Project Update

CIEA comments to DPC 4-9-20

United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria, Comment for Item 9. Delta Conveyance Project Environmental Review

UIAC comments to DPC 4-9-20

Delta Protection Commission, Letter to Karla Nemeth and Kathryn Mallon, April 13, 2020

DWR-DCDCA Covid Delay 041320

Assemblymember Frazier, request for postponement of close of NOP comment period

Frazier DCA Pause letter 4-14-20 Governor Newsom_Extend the NOP Comment Deadline for Delta Conveyance


California Water Research comments on the WaterFix Revised Draft EIR/EIS, 2015.

WaterFix RDEIR comments

California Water Research comments on the WaterFix Final EIR/EIS, 2016.

Comments on Conceptual Engineering and CEQA for the WaterFix Project

California Water Research letter on Delta tunnels seismic risks

Delta tunnels seismic risk notice

California Water Research fact sheet on the WaterFix sea level rise analysis

WaterFix sea level rise assumptions obsolete 1-22