SCVWD pulls purchase of 5,257 acres of Merced ranch land from agenda

The May 14, 2019 Board Agenda for the Santa Clara Valley Water District included a closed session item to discuss “setting negotiation parameters” for the purchase of multiple parcels of land in Merced County. County tax records show that the parcels total 5,257 acres, and are owned by 4S Ranch Partners LLC. The parcels are within the Grasslands Wildlife Management Area, which is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as winter wetlands for waterfowl migrating on the Pacific Flyway.

Urban Delta – 235,000 people at risk from levee failure in Stockton area

In 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers noted that 264,000 people live in floodplains in the Stockton metropolitan area, with $21 billion in damageable property and 23 critical structures and concluded that “[t]here is significant risk to public health, safety, and property in the project area associated with flooding...