Posted by: Deirdre Des Jardins | March 1, 2017

Brown administration cancels state Senate hearings on Oroville, WaterFix

The Brown administration has requested the cancellation of two hearings by the state Senate since the Oroville spillway crisis began.  The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee scheduled a  joint hearing with the  Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management on “The Incident at Oroville Dam: What Happened and What Happens Next”  on February 28, 2017.   It was cancelled at the request of the administration.    The Natural Resources and Water Committee had previously cancelled a February 14, 2017 informational hearing on the California WaterFix at the request of the administration.

The Senate Natural Resources Committee website states that the hearings will be rescheduled.


  1. Does this reflect a concern about possible liability to counties for expenses incurred as a result of the failure of the spillage?rec o T s@

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