Full San Luis Endangers 200,000 people — more coverage

Alex Breitler of the Stockton Record published the results on his inquiry into safety issues with San Joaquin Valley dams:  The state of our dams.

In the article, Deirdre Des Jardins of California Water Research points out that people’s lives are being endangered by filling the seismically challenged San Luis reservoir.   The 2 million acre foot reservoir needs a restriction of at least 50 feet to be safe in a large earthquake.

Breitler quotes the Bureau of Reclamation as saying that a reservoir restriction at San Luis would “be a massive issue for water users.”   Presumably this includes the very, very, VERY sorry Department of Water Resources that has been publicly apologizing to Oroville residents.   The Bureau declined to disclose the probability of a large earthquake in the area.

San Luis Reservoir

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