Presentation to Delta residents on WaterFix construction impacts

On Thursday, January 31, 2019, local Delta residents organized a meeting “to unite in defense of impacts from California WaterFix on North Delta legacy towns.” About 150 people came from all over the Delta. Deirdre Des Jardins, principal at California Water Research, presented information on WaterFix impacts on public health, including:

  • Construction noise impacts in Hood & Clarksburg
  • Fugitive dust from construction areas & up to 4.4 square miles of tunnel muck piles
  • Toxics (Chromium VI and arsenic in tunnel muck)
  • Haul routes and traffic from 24/7 construction

The presentation is available here:  WaterFix construction impacts

EIS noise contours

One thought on “Presentation to Delta residents on WaterFix construction impacts

  1. Excellent! This is one of those rare PowerPoint presentations that frame technical material in a way that a non-technical audience can follow easily. Jane


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